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For persons with disabilities

For visually impaired people: To increase/decrease the font size use the two-key combination Ctrl and +/- or Ctrl andscrolling up or down with the mouse wheel.

Most items of the site are accessible using the following two-key combinations:

  • Alt and respective letter/number in Windows platform.
  • Ctrl and respective letter/number in Macintosh platform.
  • In certain browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer), use the special keys + ENTER.
  • In Mozilla Firefox browser, use SHIFT+ALT and respective letter.

This is a list of the special keys:

  • – Home page;
  • – Map;
  • s – Search;
  • Switching between languages - use the first letter of your respective language;
  • n – this page (instructions);

When browsing internal pages, you can use the Tab key to move through the links.

Update date 2019 February 27 d.